352MC – Gallery Display – Example Set Up

So, today myself and Chloe Short booked the studio to photograph our exhibition installations. Unfortunately, my prints weren’t done yet, and may not be in time for the deadline. So I just set up the easels how I want them to look in the exhibition, you’ll just have to imagine them with prints on them.

But why? Well, for a start it looks awesome, in my humble opinion. I really like how this turned out. I decided to use ‘white strimmer cable’ to attach to the easels, since it is practically clear. I have used a couple of feet of this on each one, enough to get the rest of the wire out the way, and then made hooks out of thick metal wire, that will hook onto the beams on the ceiling of the gallery.

The middle image, wil be my only landscape image, ‘Different Perspectives’, since I think this is my best image. The two either side of that will be the yet untitled, snake image; and the giant image, ‘Out of Place’. The two on the outside will either be the other two images, or blank, depending on what I think of them when they come back from the printers.

I hung them to give them a ‘random’ feel. All the images but the centre one will pivot in the wind or as people walk past, but the centre one, since it has two wires, will stay for the most part still. I’m hoping this will draw people in, either from the movement, or they will see the static image and want to see the other ones.

When I hung them up and took a step back, I couldn’t help but thinkof this image. ‘Dali Atomicus’ by Phillippe Halsman. Which is cool, because I love this image, it makes me happy.


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