352MC – Gallery Display – My Prints May not be Done for Hand In

The print bureau is very very busy and despite me getting my prints in over a week ago and 3 days before the deadline, they are not finished yet. Since I wont be handing them in I will justify my reasons for printing and post them again in the same post.

These 3 are being printed A3, since they are my favourites:

So yes. These will be A3 and will defiantly be in both the Coventry degree show and the london exhibition, both under the group name Exposure 24, by the way. Sorry about the water marks but you can never be too careful these days.

All my images are being printed onto canvas to give a more painterly feel. This is an extremely important point. They are then being mounted onto foam board to make them stiff without the need of making a wooden frame for the canvas. This makes them lighter, for hanging, and easier for transporting, for the London exhibition. They will then be attached to the easels and strung from the ceiling.

The following images are being printed A5:

The reason I have chosen to get these printed smaller is that I’m not sure, as yet, whether or not these images will be included in my exhibition work. I am not so sure about the quality of the images, but thought I would get them printed to see what they look like and for hand in, which might not be the case. If I do not put these in the exhibition, I think my installation will still contain the 5 easels, but two will be empty.

These images are printed exactly the same and for the same reasons as the others, just smaller.


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