352MC – Creating Scale Images

Posted in 352MC on May 13, 2012 by kayleighdolphin

So, I got the easels in the post, measured them up, printed tiny little scale images (20:1) and made tiny little easels out of some plastic. They’re a bit rough and not quite accurately to scale, but they work. They give you an idea of what I want. I didn’t attach anything to hang them but the scale model doesn’t have a ceiling so I don’t think that matters too much.


352MC – Gallery Display: Easels

Posted in 352MC on May 12, 2012 by kayleighdolphin

My easels arrived in the post, yay. Now that they’re here I can make the scale model of my prints for the scale model of the gallery space.


352MC – Following Feedback

Posted in 352MC on May 10, 2012 by kayleighdolphin

Following the feedback from the mentors, I will need to make a few more things about my work clear.

I was asked, could I not just use one large easel placed in the gallery? Where’s the fun in that? Surrealism is all about strangeness and uncannyness, how is it different if I just place an easel in a room? It’s not. I might as well just put them on the walls.

Why not hang large easels from the ceiling? They would probably be too heavy and I don’t want to risk them falling off and damaging the prints. Plus the mini ones are cute and I already bought them.

Why not just have one large easel? Well, I hadn’t finished my images at this point, but the images I was planning could have equally as good as my third one. Which they are. So meh!

The first and second images are not as good as the third one, have I improved, and should I think about not having the first two in the exhibition? Yes, this is true, they are not as good. And I will consider not putting them in the exhibition. I’m not sure if my skills themselves have improved, it just so happens that I came up with two really crappy ideas first, no big deal.

What makes the third image work? I think it just works a lot better because it was a much better idea and it’s not necessarily noticeable as Photoshopped as soon as you look at it. I just hope it looks as good when it’s printed.

352MC – Installations

Posted in 352MC on May 9, 2012 by kayleighdolphin

I tried to find out why people create installations and how.

The point of installation art or sculpture is to bring your art to life, and allow the public to interact with it, or see in a different way.

These installations are a bit more dramatic. They are made in public where everyone can see them, presumably to make a point and show as many people the work as possible. This is not something I wish to do, obviously.

There are a couple of installations artists I quite like, they still aren’t relevant to my work but I like their work.

Antony Gormley, Fields. I actually saw this work a few years ago, but I was a bit too young to appreciate it. Nevertheless, I still think this, and his other work, are brilliant examples of installation art.


Photography installations seem harder to come by on the internet, but I did find this quite interesting. And thought the installation idea, by the first artist mentioned, had similarities with what I want to do. I think those are just stand rather than easels, but there are empty ones in the background hanging as well as the ones with screens on them. I like the varying heights and make take that on in my installation.

I’m not sure my idea is really that much of an installation any more, more of a more intricate way of displaying my work. Lots of people hang prints from the ceiling without calling it an installation, it’s just mind happens to involve easels. I will continue to refer to it as an installation, I’m just not sure how much of an installation it will actually be.

352MC – Displaying in Gallery

Posted in 352MC on May 8, 2012 by kayleighdolphin

I wish to create an installation in the gallery by hanging easels from the ceiling or placing them on walls, floors or tables around the gallery. I have purchased some mini easels, which should arive soon. Each is big enough for an A3 print landscape which means the easel with the portrait image will have to be displayed sideways, which could be made to look quite good. Once they arrive and I get my prints sorted. myself and Chloe Short, who is also doing an installation for the Exposure 24 exhibition, will be booking the studio to set up test runs with our installations. News to follow.

352MC – Image 5, How?

Posted in 352MC on May 7, 2012 by kayleighdolphin

352MC – Review of Image 5 – ‘Different Perspectives’

Posted in 352MC on May 5, 2012 by kayleighdolphin

This is the last image I will create for this project, as I am worried about missing the printing deadline.

This image is one i’d been thinking about for a while now. It came from a doodle again. Not sure if it’s an unconscious doodle or just one I did out of boredom, it was a while ago. I wanted to do it, but I though I’d save it to last in the hopes it would turn out better. I think it was a good move.

Its not quite as uncanny as I’d previously have wanted it to be, but it look quite a lot of work on Photoshop and I am actually quite proud of this one.

‘Different Perspectives’, refers to me looking at something from a different angle than for example, my fiancĂ©, featured in the image.

I like the minimalistic background in the image. It’s not distracting for the complicated foreground, made it easier to Photoshop and makes it look more like a painting or a graphic than a photo.

This and the Giant image are now my top photos for this project. Not long until the shows now either.

For more information about the shows visit Exposure 24.